Thursday, April 3, 2014

Come with Crabster if you want to live!

A lot of times when I see advances in robotic technology I usually go into a panic about the impending robot apocalypse that's sure to follow. HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING!?!?!?!

"I want to dance on your bones!" - every robot, I assume

BUT, when I saw the Crabster CR200, my heart instantly melted!

The Crabster is a creation from the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology designed to, you guessed it, walk on the ocean floor! This little fellow can go where propeller-driven ROVs can't and doesn't kick up as much debris, so the video footage captured by its ELEVEN cameras can be clearer with our little crab-like friend. This link had two videos of the Crabster in action, so check it out!

It's like the large, potentially harmful, but still adorable version of these guys I bought my California nieces, so if Aunt Molly approves, so should you!