Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tips From a Crab-Samplin' Seafarer

  • Pack sweats. You can wear sweatpants all day, every day, and no one will judge you!
  • Seasick? Dramamine is good if you want to sleep through a tsunami (true story). Bonine (aka Meclizine) is where it's at: it's the less-drowsy form of Dramamine. I take one the day before I head out to sea to let my body adjust to it, then I take one my first and second day at sea. I also rely on ginger tablets or green ginger tea (yum!). **It's different for everyone though, so while this may work for me, something else might work for you**
  • Work on deck. For one thing, if you tend towards seasickness, fresh air is the best medicine (and puking on deck is way better than puking in the head). It's also a great way to burn calories: just staying balanced while standing can blaze through the cals! This is especially helpful if your cook specializes in tater tot casserole or there's an abundance of Cheetos (which, trust me friends, there always is) and you have a wedding dress to fit into a couple of weeks after you get back to land.
  • If you work with a head-set and you keep feeling like your hair is being constantly pulled by it, you're probably just being electrocuted over and over again... on your head... because it's wet everywhere, all the time. Genius.
  • What's left under your mattress by the person before you is fair game. Adam (my husband) once found a stack of "gentlemen's" magazines that was so high his mattress was noticeably uneven. I found something even better: 2 TOBLERONE BARS!!!! This prompted a Sundae Sunday party!

  • If you get a chance to walk on land, DO IT! I was once on a boat that only offloaded to trampers (and thus stayed on the boat for 27 straight days!), so I was never able to actually visit St. Paul until I worked on the NMFS trawl survey. It was beautiful and so worth just taking the time to meander!
touring St. Paul
northern fur seal

sneaky fox

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