Monday, December 13, 2010

Glittered holiday crab cards

Taking a page from Martha Stewart, I decided to share a fun card idea with you:

Step 1:

Download this crab cutout and print it on white paper or cardstock (you can also make a template to trace onto your paper each time). Cut along the black lines, leaving the tips of the legs and the sides of the claws connected where the blue dashed line runs. (Don't cut the legs and chelae off though, and try not to eyestalk-ablate them.)

Step 2:

Fold your crab! If you used a template you don’t have to worry about lines showing, but if you just printed directly onto the cardstock, make sure the printed side is face down. Add glitter!! I used glitter paint, but Martha is a fan of the glue-glitter combo.

Step 3:

Glue your crab to a cardstock background (I used yellow, but you could use whichever color you prefer) and delight a loved one with your home-made card!

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