Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How We Survived a Sea Lion Attack

World Oceans Day is tomorrow!
What will you do to celebrate?

I've been enjoying the ocean's bounty, fishing and spending time with friends on their boat. This was actually yesterday, but we went out with the hopes of catching some salmon. My friends had set some crab pots as well, so we checked on those first:

Smoker family crab pot: Crab On!

a couple legal Dungies (Cancer... oh, excuse me, I mean Metacarcinus magister) = crab cakes!!

Then things took a turn. The engine stopped working, so we were a bit stranded while we called various dads for advice. In the mean time, we were pretty close to Amalga, so the ladies and I figured we could paddle for shore. I swear we were actually making progress!

Courtney giving it the ol' college try

And then things got ugly!

"Oh, hi sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus). How are you?"
(My husband was all excited since he studies these mammals.)

"Hey, you humans! I hate your paddle! What are you doing putting it in my home!?!?"
(Photo credit to my husband on this one!)

"Sorry, we're just trying to get to Amalg.... AHHHHH!"


"Oh man, I could see it's face!"
"It wanted to get in the boat!"
"It wanted to bite some man flesh!"

Seriously, this sea lion hated when Courtney would paddle. It charged the boat several times. Luckily, after we stopped paddling (as to appease the sea lion beast), the engine was miraculously fixed (through some tinkering and the haze of gas fumes). And so, our brave group headed back to safety, alive and in one piece (or five, I guess).

the relieved crew

The End

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