Friday, August 19, 2011

Orange Goo Update

Last week I reported on the orange goo that had unexpectedly appeared in Kivalina, Alaska here. Original analysis of the unknown substance led scientists to believe it was a mass of some sort of crustacean eggs or embryos. However, they've now come to discover the ooze is:


"Spores!?! Is this bad, guys? Is this bad??"

Closer analysis of the orange substance revealed the goo to be rust spores. The spores come from fungal infections on plants before being released into the air.

samples of the orange spores from Kivalina

fungal rust spores  (Order: Uredinales)

So, while crabs are off the hook, the people of Kivalina may still be affected by this not-yet-identified fungal spore: respiratory infections, possible effects on their fresh water stores, and an apparent fish kill the night the spores first appeared.

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