Friday, November 18, 2011

Beach Seining in the Snow

I bet when you looked outside your window on Monday morning, you thought to yourself, "Today is a great day to go beach seining!" I thought that too. Note: this is what it looked like:

A little snow wasn't going to stop the intrepid crew of UAS's Ichthyology class! (I'm the TA for the lab portion of the class.) We went out and braved the cold to bag some live southeast Alaskan fish (as opposed to the preserved ones we have in jars... that have kind of lost their luster... and heart beat).

setting up: check out the fat snowflakes!

Here's the class in action, along with a few crustacean friends too:

Dr. Carolyn Bergstrom directing and Lorelei helping
as Pat, Julienne, and Meghan take the first
(and only successful) seine

I got in on the fun with Eric and Lorelei

hopeful students waiting

picking the net (this was the first haul)

bucket o' herring
(for which we have IACUC approval)

and finally a little shrimp!

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