Friday, February 24, 2012

Somebody get a Paula-Deen-amount of butter!

Have you seen this guy?!?!?!?

Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!

I mentioned shrimp bycatch a bit here (or at least the unsustainable nature of most shrimp trawl fisheries), but I never imagined anything like this guy! "Rocky", the 27 pounder pictured above, was caught off of Maine in a shrimp net!

that's about the same size as a 3-year-old me!

The fishermen, knowing they can't keep any lobsters greater than 5 inches carapace length, brought him in to the Maine State Aquarium to share their find (and probably brag a little!). Rocky far exceeds the size limit, with an overall length of 40 inches! His crusher claw is so huge, if you had come across him while SCUBA diving there is a very real chance he could break your arm! How did he get that big? Remember, crustaceans grow each time they molt and lobsters have continuous molting (unlike snow crabs), so as long as they're alive, each time they molt, they get a bit bigger.

watch out little one: he could break you in half!

Luckily for Rocky, the behemoth lobster was released back into the Atlantic to live out his lobster days in freedom. Guess we won't be needing this, Paula:

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