Friday, July 20, 2012


As you saw here, we just got back from the lower 48 and enjoyed our fair share of great food, both slow prepared and fast! One of the places we stopped when we stayed over in Seattle was the 7-11! Really, it was just for water, but it was hard to turn down these bad boys:

TAQUITOS! how can something so bad be so good?

If there's one thing 7-11 reminds me of (other than go-go taquitos and hot dogs with molten "cheese"), it's this Crabday's crab:

Seven-Eleven Crab
Carpilius maculatus

just chillin' on some coral in Bali (lucky!)

The 7-11 crab gets its name from the 7 spots on the top of its carapace and 4 additional spots on the abdomen. Hawaiian legend says that the spots came from the sea god after handling the crab.

"I pinch... even gods!" - 7-11 crab

This crab is used for food (just like 7-11!) but may also be poisonous (just like 7-11?), but the toxicity is most likely from the crabs munching on bivalves that bioaccumulated toxic algae or the like and not from the crabs themselves (similar to our Dungeness crabs in southeast Alaska). This penchant for potential poisoning may actually help out the crab: it is listed as endangered in Singapore. These crabs need a lot less harvesting and a lot more reproducing!

"Hey, I'm working on it!"

Good luck, seven-eleven crab! But stop reminding me of go-go taquitos! The last time I ate them was the summer of 2006 (buffalo chicken flavor on Long Island), and I want to keep it that way!

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