Friday, August 17, 2012

A day at the races

Here I was, going through Olympics withdrawal, when I did my usual "crabs" Google search and came across this gem:


Apparently assigning your fantasy football draft order is pretty tough (because, you know, it's so real. And important. Life changing even? Truth: I've never had a fantasy football team, but I might this year, so maybe after our draft picks I'll be singing a different tune.). ANYWHO, the Baltimore Orioles were in quite a tizzy about who got to go first, so to solve it they called upon the power of the crab!

"Put me in, coach!"

Darren O’Day, pitcher for the Orioles, decided the best way to go about this was pick up some blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus), assign each a person to represent, and have a good old fashioned crab race! Why crabs? Because, as O'Day put it, "That’s what you do in Maryland. Crabs and football[.]" Nice.

"I am a champion!" - Chris Davis’ crab

Crab racing - that competition I've been craving since the awesome Men's 4x400 quailfier when Manteo Mitchell broke his leg while running AND FINISHED! (The blue crab racers were awarded a little less brilliantly than Olympic athletes though: they were turned into crab dip.)

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