Saturday, February 2, 2013

Crab Bowl

Are you ready for some football!?!?!?!

This year's Super Bowl features two teams from very crab-centric cities: the Dungeness crab loving San Francisco and the blue crab loving Baltimore!

Metacarcinus magister vs. Callinectes sapidus!

Both crabs are pretty awesome in their own ways, but in a Crab Bowl, who do you think would win? The defensively strong Dungies or the quick swimming blues? Weigh in at the poll on the sidebar!

Well, everyone who voiced their opinions were on Team Dungie, but Crab Bowl did not reflect Super Bowl. I guess the Ravens were lucky they weren't a team of swimming crabs. Good job, boys. Good job.

P.S. Remember that blue crabs are really Bears fans anyways? Go Bears!

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