Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crab Quilt

How do you memorialize your departed crabs? I honor mine with a crab quilt. Here’s how:

Step 1. Find a good place to work.
It was a particularly sunny day in Juneau, so I headed to the beach!

 Step 2. Get your pattern
an octogon and a right triangle

Step 3. Cut out your fabric
1 red octogon, 1 blue octogon, 4 red triangles = 1 crab
I had already sewn two triangles together here.
I am doing this all by hand, so I draw in my margins.

Step 4. (a really important one)
Stay full and happy while you work

Yum! Raviolis!

Step 5. Construct your crab
The idea is to have a quilted crab for each crab I've had.

note the green eyes, because these are opies!

Step 6. Sew all your crabs together!

a work in progress


  1. That is amazing!!! And all by hand!

  2. This is so stinkin' cute. How did you learn how to do that??

  3. I just drew out what I thought would be an easy pattern and figured how big I would need my seams to be since I don't own a sewing machine. Note: octogons are NOT the easiest shape to sew! Ha!