Monday, March 28, 2011

And the winner is:

Whoa, not that fast!

Last week I challenged you to come up with a new phrase for the acronym HPLC to replace High Performance Liquid Chromatography (what I'm using to quantify levels of methyl farnesoate in my male snow crabs). I received a lot of really clever and fun phrases, and it was really hard to choose. Here are some of my favorites:

His Pancreas Loves Cabbage
I thought I was the only one who loves cabbage,
but Joel set me straight.

Hot ParaLithodid Crab
I hope I represented Jen's vision correctly:
"a picture of a blue king crab (Paralithodes platypus) in those Alexander McQueen lobster shoe things
that Lady Gaga wore, being chased by photographers"

Harry Potter's Love Child
Poor Ron.

Hypercapnic Plankton Lacking Calcium
I was very impressed with this phrase, both for its
use of the word "hypercapnic" and its scientific accuracy.

Horned Parasaurolophuses Love Conifers
My neice loves dinosaurs (dare I say it) more than I love crabs!
The parasaurolophus is said to have been the loudest dino,
hence the enthusiastic remark.

Humongously Parasitized Lithodid Crabs
This lithodid has one heck of a rhizocephalan infestation!

Homely Pixies Lurk in Canada
HAHAHAHA! Oh, Canada...
my neighbor to the east, really.

Without further ado, the winner is:

Hiphopopotamus produces lyrical conception...
"Sea Lion Woman" went above and beyond with this HPLC poem inspired by
Flight of the Conchords! (warning, there's 1 swear in that video)
Read the whole poem in the previous blog's comments.
(baby picture from

Congratulations Sea Lion Woman! Your creativity just earned you a new keychain!

Thank you to all who submitted!


  1. "His Primary Liquid Connection"?
    "Has Postnasal Liquid Concoctions"?
    "His Potentate's Loquacious Conundrums"?

    I love it! Congrats to Sea Lion Woman and Hippo Conceptions.

    Dad Fox

  2. hahaha, thanks Dad! I had to whip out the dictionary for "Potentate"!