Monday, April 18, 2011

Celebrating Boston!

Today is that most special of special days for marathoners: BOSTON!

In honor of the oldest annual marathon (this is the 115th Boston Marathon!), I wanted to take a closer look at a Boston crab (no, not the wrestling position):

Blue Crab  
(Callinectes sapidus)!

a beautiful Callinectes sapidus

What? An albino blue crab?? You know it!

You can fish for these while visiting Massachusetts. (Or you could try your hand at recreational lobstering, but all I have to say is good luck with that one!) These crabs are true athletes, although they are better known for their swimming abilities than marathon running. See their little paddles on their modified fourth walking legs? Their scientific name even refers to this, meaning "savory beautiful swimmer".

Here's a blue crab eating a clam (I wanted to post a video of one running/swimming, just to keep with the spirit of the day, but the original video was removed from youtube):

Yikes, I hope she waits before running after that meal!

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