Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another Day of Miscellany

1. Did you know you can do this on "gchat" (or whatever... you know what I mean)? I didn't either (thanks, Courtney)! Just type in V.v.V and watch the magic happen!

me annoying my husband

2. The Snow Crab Love logo has a fan in Laine Welch and Pacific Fishing (the business magazine for fishermen)! It was featured in an article about the most recent Bering Sea snow crab season. No links were available to connect readers back here, but now you know! (And you can check out their website here.)

3. Do you doodle? I do... dle. (Ha!)

Get it? Like the Incredible Hulk??

And now in color (thanks, Photoshop):

(Of course, no one in my lab would throw crabs around, or react so violently if that were to occur. We're all very friendly. Just felt the need to point that out.)

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