Thursday, May 12, 2011

My own personal crab spy

My sister Emma Yanevskyy is a super-sleuth of crabby paraphernalia. She has a shop on etsy (shameless promotion? Maybe.) so she spends a fair amount of time checking on it and meandering other shops to check out the competition. When she finds something of the crustacean persuasion, she sends it my way (including the crab sign from this post)! Here are some of my favorite crabby things she’s found on the interwebs:

"Now everyone is on the beach!"
found here

he might be signaling a turn, but then again, you never know with fiddler crabs
found here

who doesn't want a pillow with an octopus-baby hybrid munching on a whole lobster?
found here

Please enjoy the benefits of my personal crab spy!

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