Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crab Lab Fecundity

Is it just me, or is every other crab student at UAF having a baby? This lab is super fecund! (Take note, all you prospective students!)

For the most recent addition to our crab-lovin' group, Katie Palof (Pacific ocean perch geneticist) knit this amazingly cute little crustacean:

on route to the baby shower, enjoying the view of Douglas Island across the channel

livin' it up at the party!

It's not as cute as crab labber Joel and Karin's new baby boy, but it's a close second! It inspired me to search etsy (once again) for cute crab/baby stuff. Please, enjoy:

This lobster is both cute and educational:
remember how important cannibalism is for crustaceans?
(from this Chi-town shop!)

The simplicity of Lobber the crab-monster reminds
me of my little snow crab cartoons.
In short, I love him (from here)!

This sweet hat would help any little one match
their new crab toys pretty darn closely! Plus the
seller is from Kodiak, Alaska!! Represent!

That last hat made me think of this cute little number
my sister whipped up over at Happy Walrus,
inspired by this very blog! (How adorable is my neice!?!)

It's never too early to start teaching the little ones about crab love, and they can be ever the more cute while they learn!

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