Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Future crab biologist

One day a little girl approached her dad with the idea to strap his iPhone into the bottom of their crab pot to video tape crab behavior.

And the dad said, "OK"!

Dad (Mike Adamick), you're pretty awesome. Not too many dads would willingly strap their iPhones to bait that has, in the past, been snatched away by sea lions. Bravo, sir! And Emme, you're a pretty clever little girl. (I like your hat, too.)

Now, science is a fun roller coaster ride of trial and error, so their video wasn't as exciting as they might have hoped, but the point is they did it! And it had a happy ending (for most involved...). So here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

Hooray for Cancer crabs and cheeky sea lions, and hooray for inquisitive little scientists!

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