Monday, April 16, 2012

Meet Ophilia!

It's defense week! I'm not going to be posting again until next week, but for now please enjoy this mini-book craft:

This little book about Ophilia the opilio can be yours!

1. Print out this pdf file.

2. Fold in half, open, then fold in half the other way.

^ hot dog fold (folding the long way)

 ^ hamburger fold (folding along the shorter way)

3. Cut along the black line.

(parental guidance is handy here)

4. Here's the tricky part:

go back to the hot dog fold and notice that the hamburger 
creases will allow you to open the book where you cut the line

using that opening, you can push the paper into a cross or X shape

 another angle of the cross/X shape

find the front and back of the mini-book like above
and press the rest of the pages together, 
then make one final fold in half so that the book looks like below:


You now have a sweet mini-book about a happy little snow crab that you (or your kids) can color and enjoy!

Feel free to print out this picture of Ophilia and color her in or decorate her with more fun bows/jewels/sponges/algae (I mean, she is a crab, and decorator crabs like to use sponges and algae)! Be sure to send me a picture when you're finished if you'd like to share your artistic abilities!

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