Friday, May 11, 2012

perfect Crabday for moms

Mother's Day is right around the corner! Have you gotten your mom something yet? Flowers? A card? This week's Crabday crab??

Chocolate Swimming Crab
Thalamita spinimana

"I love you THIIIIIIIS much!" - chocolate swimming crab

If I know moms, then I know what moms love: CHOCOLATE! So I figured what better crab to talk about than a chocolate one? Well, really it's called the red swimming crab, but we all know how common names vs scientific names work, and this guy has a chocolate-colored appearance, so I'm going with it! (You can see the brown hues better at this site.)

a red specimen showing off his beautiful spots

These guys like to hang out in tropical reefs, and because they have those modified 5th walking legs shaped like paddles, they can swim around and catch their prey! They are so good at hunting that they've even been described as "vicious"! And we all know moms can be vicious when blocked from their chocolate gifts.

 nom nom nom
(check out his chocolate spots!)

Well done, crabs. Well done.

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