Friday, May 18, 2012

How does Ophilia grow?

Ophilia the opilio is back with another mini-book! This time you and your friends/kiddos/pets can learn how a crab grows: through the molting process.

It's a very simplified version of what goes down for our little crustacean friends, but you can learn more about the hormones involved here, the terminal (or final) molt in snow crabs here, growth through a succession of red king crab molts here, and watch a video of a spider crab molting below (it's pretty crazy!).

To make your new mini-book:

1. Just download this pdf and print it out.

2. Follow the instructions from the original Ophilia post.


3. Learn (or teach), color, and enjoy!

this guy worked really hard, but it paid off in just how big he was able to get!

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