Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween is coming!

I feel so behind on my Halloween preparations: I haven't started decorating my proton pack (guess what I'll be!), I only have 4 pumpkins and one spider hanging in my living room, and I don't know what to carve into my real pumpkin, which I don't even have yet. Phew!

Well, if you're like me, here's some crabby inspiration for the Halloween season:

"Crab or Treat!" - Jen

We saw an amazing crab costume here donned by UAF student Jen Stoutamore, plus other crab costumes for people here and here, babies here, and dogs here and here.

"I feel like the trick is on me." - beagle

You can also get costume inspiration from the zombie crab, yeti crab, decorator crab, halimeda crab, or boxer crab!

there's a new sheriff in town with this zombie crab
(bonus points to whoever knows which show I'm referencing here)

We saw some neat crab pumpkin templates here, plus you can download other nautical-themed templates here to make this bad boy:

 I love how the eyes are the only things fully cut out!

Need decor? Here's a king crab ball that you can assemble and hang in your home! It was originally designed for World Animal Day, but with a little colorful creativity it can be a Halloween ball too!

(this was inspired by Martha Stewart's spider web balls)

Alright! I'm ready to rock out some costume accessories, hang up some black and orange balls, dangle some spiders from my window, and carve up a pumpkin! Good luck with your Halloween preparations!

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