Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Team Pinchy

This past weekend I was outside enjoying the sun, just minding my own business, when all of a sudden I saw this:

What the? Are those? Yes!
Yes, they are people dressed up as crustaceans!
(Obviously, they were the only thing standing out in this picture.)

I just happened to be at the High Gravity Games, an outdoor extravaganza hosted by Alaskan Brewing Company at the Eaglecrest Ski Area benefiting the Red Cross. This crusty crew was honoring Pinchy, that famous lobster of Simpson's lore:

 Homer with his beloved Pinchy

And boy did they commit! Check out the crustacean style in action:

flying lobster!

the last leg of the Start-Up Cup relay was a human dogsled team

smooth finish (like butter?)

Have you been inspired to dress up like a crustacean recently (like Jenni last Halloween)? If so, was it a team event or did you let your crab flag fly solo?

it's OK to love crustaceans! (no matter what Marge thinks)

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