Friday, March 23, 2012

A fluff piece

Warning: this post contains NO scientific content!

A while back my friends bought a condo and decided to adopt a sweet little kitty for the new place. Well, really she's more like a well-aged woman. I guess you could say, were she tracking down young tomcats, she'd be a cougar. (Because of the age and gender... and feline-ness. Sorry.)

"not funny!" - cougar kitten

Anyway, we wanted to get her a little welcoming present and figured, what better thing to get than a catnip-filled crustacean toy!

who doesn't love lobster?

I checked with my cats to see if they approved

the verdict: it's good to go!

meet Zoe!

I think she likes it!

Success! Have you gotten any crustacean-themed toys, whether for yourself, a friend, a pet, or a study animal? If not, I suggest you get on that.

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