Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thesis defense date!

Hi all! My thesis defense date is set:

April 18, 2012 
10:00 am (Alaskan Time)

So you can brush up on my thesis (while I do the same), here's an overview of my project:

A brief introduction and why I'm working with male snow crab


OK, that should pretty well bring you up to speed! Wish me luck!

thumbs up for an awesome defense!


  1. Good luck! Are you going to sing during it? :-)

  2. I just may, Amelia, I just may. I have, in the past, thrown in an inadvertent interpretive dance, much to the dismay of my advisor... but hopefully that won't happen this time!

  3. So, how’s the defense, Molly? Well, knowing your date of thesis defense can really be a nervous thing for grad students, as it is when you would defend your paper that you work for months, or even years. Anyway, I bet you nailed the defense of your thesis paper.

    1. My defense went great! Thanks for asking. I felt really comfortable during the presentation, but they made me sweat in the close-door part. Overall, I passed and had my thesis accepted by the school! Now it's just a matter of publishing the results!