Friday, June 21, 2013

Found you!

If you follow Snow Crab Love on facebook, you may remember that I started keeping track of the non-crab related keyword searches that bring people to my blog:

this was just the beginning - it's gotten even weirder, I promise!

I'll share the final results at the end of the year, but in the mean time I was curious what other websites thought of Snow Crab Love and the search phrases that draws its way. I saw The Bloggess check her stats using Alexa, so I figured I'd check it out too. Here are the results:


Totally weird, right? But when I google "the bullet crab", sure enough a link to this post comes up (currently it is the 7th link in the list).

a mantis shrimp's fist accelerates faster than a speeding bullet
(If you watch Arrested Development, you might get this photo reference)

The one that really confused me was "hat is fecundity". After pondering what it could mean and picturing things like this:

the hat had babies

I realized it was probably a commonly misspelled question of, "What is fecundity?" And what is it? Fecundity refers to how many babies something can produce (what their reproductive capacity is). For example, a female snow crab's fecundity can be measured in how many eggs she holds in her clutch (if you click on the link, check out slides 14 - 16). Or the fecundity of my hat (inspired by Princess Beatrice at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and worn during a midnight 5K race) could be measured by how many little hats spring forth from it's bow-y goodness.

(this was a few years ago, but a good hat [joke] never goes out of fashion)

So now you know. I wonder if this is going to change my search analytics...

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