Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kodiak Crab Festival 2013

I have yet to make it to the Crab Festival in Kodiak (next year? fingers crossed!) but this year my dear friend and fellow crab enthusiast, Miranda Westphal, was on the scene with her family to catch some crabby fun!

poster design by Adina Preston

While the Crab Festival celebrates crabs, it is also a celebration of Kodiak itself and life on an island. Miranda shared some festival moments dedicated to the people who make Kodiak home:

horses horses horses horses!
(any Sleepless in Seattle fans out there?)

Kodiak dancers

beat boys taking it up a notch

the marimba band (with back-up maraca players)

who's that there but our very own Laura Stichert,
snow crab biologist extraordinaire!!

But don't worry, crab lovers. There were also crabs:

so many jokes, so little time

I'll have to make sure I get there some day! Did you go? What was your favorite part? Leg? Tail? (Har-dee-har-har!) Thanks, Miranda!

(logo by Sean Lawler)

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