Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Valentine's Day.

When trying to come up with a card this year I was inspired by these hilarious, not-so-romantic cards:

(from Sad Shop)

 (from Lost Marbles)

I was also inspired by my renewed interest in rhizocephalans after seeing UAF student Leah Sloan's zombie-themed poster at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium. So I came up with this beauty that you can share with your loved ones or your not-so-much-in-love-but-you-don't-hate-them-either ones!

To make this heart-warming card:
1. Download the PDF
2. Print out the card and fold on the dotted line
3. Give to someone!

they will be thrilled.

Check out these other cards too:

Love Like a Mantis Shrimp
Lobster Love
I *crab heart* you

Happy Valentine's Day!

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