Monday, March 24, 2014

What am I doing here?

I mentioned last year that I was going to keep track of the keyword searches that bring people to Snow Crab Love,  because some of them were frankly strange. Here are the top 5 non-crab-related searches that brought people here and, I'm guessing, left them asking, "What am I doing here!?!?"

1. Tina Turner

2. Veggies and Dip in Bread

This one also makes sense: the internet LOVES carbs and I made a carb-tastic appetizer for a NOAA potluck that could easily be morphed into a crab-themed treat:

3. Flamingos

flamingos get their pink hue from eating brine shrimp!

4. Kivalina, Alaska

Remember when there was the secret of the (orange) ooze? It ended up not being of the crustacean persuasion, but the mystery was fun while it lasted (and who doesn't love a TMNT reference?)!

the "orange tide" ended up being spores

5. Dead Iguana Pictures

I seriously have no idea (a) why anyone would search that and (b) why that search word would bring people to my blog MULTIPLE times!

Other fun searches were "Captain Picard", "Baby Beagle Costumes", "If I only had a brain", and "Kelsey Grammar" (what?).

this dog! it gets me every time!

What brought you here?

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